Controversial Marketing – Never A Failure ?

I wanted this to be my first post on, but instead wrote another post that served as prelude to this one.

One common problem I see with most Bloggers is they fail to grip their audience. Even though they have excellent content, they never succeed in convincing their visitors to interact with them.

So far you saw, I started with Controversial Marketing, moved on to bloggers and then about involving users.

Wondering, what controversial marketing has to do with bloggers and user involvement?


The answer is Controversial Marketing has to power to: sell, grips users, engages users, give a platform to users, to share what they believe is right/wrong (If you still don’t trust me, go you youtube and see any controversial video, eespecially some of those indo-pak / indo-china ones, you’ll know what I mean).

There are different styles to put across your thoughts to your visitors, and adding controversial touch to it is one of the quickest way to spice up things. If you notice, comments Controversial Topics outnumber the comments you’d get per article, and that’s because ‘Not everyone thinks alike’ ! Take any topic and you’ll always see two faces of it, some supporting it and others crying against it outright ! Use this as one of your most powerful Marketing Tool. If you can write, then write on controversial topic. Users will automatically pour in their thoughts.

Some key points to keep in mind while getting involved in the conversation:

  1. Don’t involve in mud-slinging. If your thoughts are right to you, justify and leave it for others to accept, do not compel.
  2. Question others thoughts, not their ethics or morality
  3. Give an ear to other points, chances are you might experience a paradigm shift.
  4. Do not be a Mr.Know-it-all , no one knows it all !

Many Bloggers are using this technique to engage users on their blog with controversial Marketing strategy? What about you?