How to Add Single / Double Line Spacing in WordPress

In most Word processors, you can easily add extra blank line spaces. All you have to do is press the ENTER key a few times. If you’re a bit more savvy, then you can change the formatting to create double spaced line after paragraphs, increase line spacing, etc. Now this becomes really frustrating for beginners when they start using the WordPress visual editor. Why? because there is no formatting button like MS Word. In this article, we will show you how to add single / double line spacing in WordPress.

Before we start, it’s important to know that line spacing is controlled by the WordPress theme you use. We will show you how to add line spacing in the visual editor, and then we will cover how to change the line spacing in your theme if you’re not happy with the results.

Video Tutorial

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

Adding Double Line Space

When you press Enter to add a line break, WordPress visual editor considers it as a new paragraph. This means that it will automatically add double line space granted that your theme has the styling for it (most good themes do).

So simply go in and press Enter after the line and then type something else in the next line.

Double Line Space

By simply doing that, based on your theme styling, you should see a clear distinction between paragraphs (i.e double line spacing).

Double Spacing Preview

Adding Single Line Space

Now if you are writing something like an address, then you probably want it to be single spaced instead of double spaced.

Single Space Preview

In this case, you need to press SHIFT + ENTER key.

This will tell WordPress that you want to start a new line inside an existing paragraph thus it needs single line spacing vs double line spacing.

Modifying the Line height and Spacing

Sometimes even when you add the proper line spacing in the editor, it doesn’t display the way you want it to in your theme. This is when you need to make CSS changes. CSS is basically like the formatting feature in Microsoft Word.

Yes you will tweak a little bit of CSS code, but it’s not as scary as you think it is.

Open your theme’s CSS file. You can find it by going to Appearance » Editor in your WordPress admin area. You can also use FTP as well if you like.

In your CSS file, you want to look for .post p

This basically controls the display of paragraphs in your post content. Once you find it, you need to add or modify the line-height value. If you do not find the .post p tag, then simply create one.

1 .post p{line-height: 1.5em;}

The CSS rule shown above will change the line spacing of paragraph content to 1.5em. Em is a unit of width for typography. We are using .post class which WordPress automatically adds to the content area of all posts to make sure it only affects posts and not paragraphs used elsewhere.

Now this only changes the spacing of single spacing. If you want to change the spacing between each paragraph (i.e double spacing), then you would need to add padding.

view source


1 .post p {
2 line-height: 1.5em;
3 padding-bottom: 15px;
4 }

Feel free to adjust the numbers to meet your needs.