How to Find Free Images for your Blog using Flickr

Images in a blog post makes it look really good, and if you are not adding images, you not only missing image search traffic, but also your content will look dull. When you are writing tutorial article, you can always take your own screenshot, and use it in a blog post, but sometime when you are writing a generic article, you would like to use images which are already there on Internet. Do you know, legally you are not allowed to use any image from internet on your blog.


Before using any image in a blog post, you need to ensure those images can be used on your blog. Specially, if you are earning from your blog, you should never do it, as copyright image holder can file a DMCA complaint, and your blog post could be removed from search. There are many websites from where you can use images by giving a link back to the original poster. One of them is Flickr where we are allowed to use images for commercial purpose by giving credit link.

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How to use Flickr Advance search to find free images for blog:

Flickr is an Image sharing website from Yahoo where people upload their images, and add a license. Using Flickr advance search option, you can find images based on license. For example, in our case we would like to find images with creative common license, and only those images which we can use in a commercial blog. As I mentioned above, since you are earning from your blog, you should find those creative common licensed images, which can freely be used on a commercial blog.

Here is how you can get started – Go to Flickr advance search and add the keyword for your image search. There are few options, like you can find only images or videos and so on. Simply select the options according to your need.

Flickr Advanced search


At the bottom, you will see an option to find images based on license. Also, select the option which says “Find content to use commercially”. See the screenshot for better understanding:

Free images for Blog

One important thing even if you use those images on your blog, make sure you give a link back to original poster. Here is a video which explains the complete step:

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Do let me know which method you are using to find free images for your blog or Website? If you find this article interesting, do share it on Facebook & Google plus.