How to Setup Office at Home for Professional Bloging?

Bloging is an activity to share knowledge over internet. Bloging can be used for making money also. There are lots of techies who found bloging such an interesting that they decided to select bloging as a career. Choosing blogging as a career has lots of advantages. Unlike other business, you do not need to do a huge investment for starting your new blog, and you can start earn after 2 or 3 months of hard work. For making your own blog you need to purchase a hosting service and a domain name and then you can easily setup your blog. But there are few things to kept in your mind before starting a blog. You don’t need to give those heavy rent for the office space. You can set up an office inside your home and start making money online.

Fact is many of professional bloggers like Harsh, who works from home, they have to make many changes in their day to day routine, to keep the motivation on for blogging. Imagine, could you really work in your Pyjamas 365 days a year? You need to have a system, so that your body doesn’t get spoiled. You need a proper table-chair, so that your work doesn’t hamper your health in long run. This all could easily be achieved with the help of setting up a home office. Here I’m sharing few tips which will help you to setup office at home.

How will I setup office at Home?

There are following check points which you should take care of for proper setup of your office at home:

Table and chairUse Table Chair:

You shouldn’t do blogging on the cost of your spinal cord. Many blogger find it fun to write an article and blog from bed. You should choose a table and chair of proper size according to your height. It will definitely increase your productivity. Use a chair with adjustable height, tilt adjustment, having wheel base so that you can feel comfortable and stable while work.

If you don’t want to spend a lot on table-chair, you can easily find used furniture on Craig-list. Specially, being a pro-blogger or work from home user, you are noticing back pain, or feel lazy through out the day, you should definitely start using proper table-chair. Also, make sure you buy a chair, which supports your back.

Use proper desktop or Laptop

You can choose desktop or laptop according to your need. If your work involve traveling then you should choose a laptop but if you are regular in your home then you should opt for desktop computer.   Moreover you can opt for Dual screen monitors or you can arrange laptop and desktop together. Remember Computer is your productive tool. So get the best computer for your need.

One of the most discussed scenario is using dual-screen monitor or not. And the answer to this depends upon you. If you really need an extra monitor, you can use your home TV as an extended screen, or you can buy a HD monitor for yourself, and extend it using HDMI or video monitor cable.

Internet connection:   For   blogging you need an internethigh speed internetconnection with reliable speed and proper connectivity. The biggest distraction of any blogger from his work is unwanted lose of internet connection. You should rely on well reputed ISP provider. Also you should take more than 1 MBPS speed for effective blogging. Above all you should take backup Internet connection in the form on Data card, GPRS on mobile and so on.

If you are into video blogging, make sure that you get a broadband connection, which gives decent upload rate. Most of the time, broadband provider offers good download speed, but upload limit sucks. It’s better to go with one of those Internet service providers, which gives proper upload-download speed. In India, Airtel broadband is one of the decent one, might not be cheapest but still one of the best service provider. In Hyderabad, Beam broadband provider is good.

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Effective environment:

Try to make your office home office 7environment free from disturbance. Avoid all the disturbing elements like children, TV, Xbox, friends and neighbors. Try to make environment cool by proper air-conditioning. Power backup should be present for nonstop work. Choose a room at the end of house or make proper changes to make it sound proof. Try to keep all the distraction point away from your working room.

Believe it or not, a clean room will always helps in improving your productivity. More over, there will be no distraction, and you will love to work from your home office setup. Try to keep room as sound-proof, which will ensure you don’t get disturbed by outside noise.

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Proper space:

You should arrange all the things of your room in such a way that all the space should be utilized efficiently. For ex. you should put your CPU under the table, keep the entire file labeled and on a proper place. Keep the table at one corner of the room where power supply is available so that you can fully utilize the space of your room. The idea here is to keep your work room as organized as you can, this will give you a feel of the office and you will enjoy the work.

These tips will be useful for anyone who works from home and trying to setup home office. If you work from home, Try to keep things organized and make it more professional by following above 5 tips. This will bring discipline and will be more productive for you.

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Do you work from home? Do let us know what set up you have done at your place?

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