Publishing Your Blog to the World

We have gone through setting up a blog successfully by now if you followed our tutorials that we posted. The final step to the blog is getting it out to the world, so you get more readers to it and get it popular. Now we understand that some bloggers set up their blog for personal use, so we will also cover how to keep your private blog articles away from non-wanted users.

First thing you need to do once you have published your blog is to make sure that it is visible to all new users via search engines such as technorati, google, and others. So you would need to head over to the tab in your WordPress admin panel called Settings > Privacy

WordPress Privacy

You will see the page to look something like the screenshot above. If you are looking to publish your blog to the world make sure you select, I would like my blog to be visible to everyone. By selecting that, you will see your blog appear in search engines like google, yahoo, technorati, and others. If you want your blog to be seen only by you which is completely understandable for personal blogs and diaries, you must select the second option which says “I would like to block search engines…”.

That is the first step to publishing your blog to the world. Now the second step would be getting active on social media networks such as twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, reddit, digg, and many others. Join them and use them to your advantage.

An example of using twitter is share your articles on twitter with your friends. Obviously, you will make friends only if you contribute to the community and share valuable information. You can also share your stories on digg, and other social media networks.

Remember only promote stories that are important. Don’t ask your friends to promote every article of yours because not all articles are super. Save your friends to promote your best articles.

You may also share links with other bloggers that are in the same niche as you. You can find them on google, technorati, or online forums, if you are a member of one. Try to be connected, and you can get backlinks from other sites which is very important for the growth of your blog. Our founder, Syed Balkhi, has written many articles that contains numerous useful tips on advertising which you can find out on his blog.

Now for those users who don’t want their posts to be seen by others, there are more ways of protecting your blog posts which we will share.

One way is password protecting your posts. It is a very simple step. When you are writing a new post, just before you publish it look to the right of the page. Where it says publsih. There you will see an option which reads, Visibility: Public (Edit), click on the edit button and you will see the options like in the image below:

Password Protected Posts

Select the password option, and make a password, this way you can have individual posts password protected. And users can only see it, if they have a password. Remember by disabling search engines to see your post people can still come to your site and read your posts, so this is one of the ways you can have 100% safety.

Now if you only want to share your blog with a certain people, a best way is to have one password protection which makes the main site password protected and everything inside is open. So for instance when someone types your domain, they will see a login fields. To do that you would need to have Cpanel Hosting, so you can use the password protection feature.