Simple Yet Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Blogging Stress

Blogging seems to be fun to many but in the real sense it’s not true. Bloggers indulge in so many online activities that they hardly get time to take the rest. None the less, now a days mobile phones, tablets keep up all then time hooked with internet & we hardly get that buffer time which we used to get back in time.

Productivity is not about working too many hours once in a while, but it’s about continue performing every day of your life. If you are one of those bloggers (Like me) who love blogging & stay ahead of the game by learning, practicing, researching & writing, I’m sure you have had many burn out in the past.

For me, it used to be like, I couldn’t work for a couple of days & just wanted to stick to my bed. It took me some time to realize what I was doing wrong & then I made few changes that made my life easier & blogging more fun.

Bloggers usually forget other work in their life like social activities, outing with friends, spending time with girlfriend, playing the outdoor games. These types of activities help us to make us more productive and creative.


How to Get Rid Of  Your Blogging Stress

Bloggers can also face Writers block condition. Due to immense stress they tend to involve in various activities like smoking and drinking. They fall in lots of stress because of their online work, which would badly affect their life. Here are few tips with the help of which you can maintain a balance between your online and real life.

Exercise- Daily & religiously

5 Minute Exercise

A must be the necessary thing for bloggers. Regular exercise helps in circulating blood and making a body system like heart and circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system stronger. Daily exercise results in stress-free mind.

You can also do Yoga: It makes the body more flexible and helps you relax in the stressful condition. You will feel energetic, happier and peaceful. The gym can be a part of your daily life, and it will be a good way to keep yourself in perfect shape. If you want to level up your game, get started with meditation. Here is a great guide on meditation with many free resources to download meditation music.

Time management

Many of blogging geeks find their work that much interesting such that they do it regularly. Their work is never affected by day-night cycle. They love to work late night and wake up at noon. This life cycle is dangerous for your body. And if your body will affect, your blogging too will affect. So maintain your schedule for the whole day and you should follow it regularly. Try to rise early and sleep early. Early to bed and early to rise theory is useful for any online entrepreneur.

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Use coffee shops or Co-working space

If you are living in a metro city, then you must have coffee shops like Barista, Cafe Coffee Day in your locality. These coffee shops have the awesome environment (no disturbance, sofas, and air conditions) and have installed with Wi-Fi modem so that you can access the internet. You can pass some 2 to 3 hours there and write some awesome post directly from your iPhone or Android phone. You can also carry your laptop and work there from day and night. Nothing can be better than coffee and work.

Watch Ted talks or motivational videos:

Initially, I used to watch random stuff on YouTube, which hardly add anything to my life. Lately, I started watching Ted Talks & videos that directly help me learn or motivate. One thing that I could tell you is:

Learning is a motivating process!


We have compiled a list of Ted Talks & Motivational movies that you can watch anytime you need a break.

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Maintain your social life

Instead of social networking from your home you should find a time for your family and friend. Facebook, Twitter don’t count as social life. They are good to find friends, but meeting your online friends is another aspect of it. You should enjoy a meeting with friends in a weekend and have a movie show, disco, and a dinner together. You can also share your blogging experience with your friends. This will drastically release your mental stress, and you will be mentally prepared for coming working days.

Up for some fun? Watch this eye-opening video:

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Outdoor Games

If you are a cricket, soccer or basketball fan then instead of watching live score from your favorite sports website you should go to play a game regularly. It can be a part of your daily exercise. It can help you to maintain your social life because you are meeting real friends (not Twitter friends). Playing counter strike, COD are good but they don’t fall under the category of sports. Sports means, the game that need physical involvement and it will also help to keep healthy. Outdoor gaming helps us to boost our mental and physical level. As mentioned above the importance of exercise, outdoor games will keep you fresh.   If you are a geek and not very fond of the outdoor game, regular gymnasium and yoga can be very useful.

Another good way to maintain your social life as a blogger is participated in every bloggers event in your city or nearby city. This will be productive for you as a person and your work as contacts.

Do let us know how do you help yourself to get out of Blogging stress?

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