SiteMeter : Real Time Website Visitors Tracking

When I started blogging in 2008, I never realized the importance of site stats apart from the fact it helps me in Ego boost by seeing some visitors on my blog. Later on I integrated 3 analytic systems: Google Analytics, Stats plugin, and Sitemeter.


It’s been 4 years and now I have left sitemeter and I’m only using Google analytics and Stats plugin to check my blog stats. There are many similar web apps like Woopra, which you can consider, but nothing offers features like GA, which are free and very useful from usability and SEO perspective. But, if you are not very fond of GA, Site meter is a decent option to get stats about your visitors.

What is Sitemeteter:

Sitemeter is an analytic program for Bloggers and Webmasters to keep a track of visitors coming to your site. Sitemeter offers two version: Free and Premium. When I started using them, I was using the Free version which serves almost all the purpose apart from few limitations.


Sitemeter is one free site statistics and monitoring tool like Google analytics. You can see your visitors referral information and how many people are online at the same time on your blog. Along with it there are many statistics which you can see with the help of sitemeter.

What I like about their service is, they let you see some of the important information like recent referring URL’s, Live visitors, Visitors in last hr, day, and week. Technically, all these data helps me in ego boost but from SEO perspective, they are not complete and useful. But for a personal Blog like Blogger blog, service like Site meter is useful as it’s free too.

Though, one good thing about them is, if you like to show off the number of your visitors, you can quickly embed their widget and select a style to show off your visits. There are many other features of sitemeter like the Monthly visit, weekly visit. The good part is it’s free and the sad part is for every website you need to create a different account.

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Sitemeter Hack to get Insvisible Logo & Counter:

As I mentioned above, free Sitemeter account have some limitations and one of them is putting the invisible counter. Though, there is a small trick, using it you can get invisible counter. Follow the tutorial:

Login to your sitemeter account and select the meter style under account manager. Under meter, style selects the second last option which shows only number

Counter Meter Style

click select and on the next page, select Digit color and background color as Transparent.

That’s it collect the new code and use it on your website.

Though, if you have a good traffic website, it’s always a good idea to show off your traffic stats to attract more direct advertisers. Have you used Sitemeter service in the past or are you using now? How’s your review and feedback for them? Do let us know which, visitor analysis tool you are using?