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What would you prefer: working from home or going to an office?

If I have to choose, working from home would be my definite choice.

Working from home means no 9 – 6 job, no boss to report to, no travel hassle, saving time for skills you want to learn, and so on. You just need to select a work, online or offline, according to your proficiency and interest and set up your small office at home.

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In this post, we will look into some of the benefits of working from home.

Main benefits of Work from Home:

Choose any time

You are not bounded for a 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. work time. You can choose any time for work. You will get more time to spend with your family and your beloved ones.

Reach office on time

You can submit any bill (bank, electricity bill, phone bill) during the day. You can watch the first day first show of any movie. There is no hard and fast rule for work, though in my opinion set your priorities and work accordingly.

No office politics

There is no office in the world where politics does not exist. Rivalry always exists between co-workers, but it worsens if politics replaces a healthy competition.

Hate Politics

However, when you are working from home, there is only one person whom you have to compete with and the person is you.  There is no mental pressure, and you can work freely and creatively. So instead of fighting to get the best position in the office, be your boss and set up office at home.



It’s very hard to find anyone who loves his boss. If you work from home, you are your boss. You will have complete freedom to your work. You will set your deadlines; you can work according to your convenience.   Moreover, you work will not be dependent on your companions. There will be little to no distraction. Your stress level will automatically degrade, and you will be able to achieve both professional and personal goals.

Less expense

There is no travel expense, heavy lunch bills or expensive formal dresses for office. You can work in your pajamas (any comfortable clothes).

Moreover, setting up office at home does not cost much. You can grab any space at home and set up your office. The only thing which you might need to spend a bit will be creating your Portfolio or website. It is cheap and will help you to get more clients.

Enormous opportunities

The Internet is full of opportunities. You only need to grab something which fits your personality and interest. You can make money online by many ways; you can opt for blogging or freelancing (writing, designing, and troubleshooting) as your career. You can write articles for other blogs to earn online money.

Once you are into the right online job, you will enjoy your work.

Tip: Every minute counts on the Internet. Be proactive. Try to grab as many opportunities as possible. Keep making a list of projects and ideas which you can implement later.

No layoff at recession time

If we talk about the current market situation, the most common fear of any employee is recession and layoff.

Layoff is the worst phase for any employee as it comes as a gift from your company to overcome recession. When you work on your own, there is no such fear.  Recession is one prime reason that many employees started their own online business and moved from office to home.

No stress

Although work pressure exists in blogging and freelancing, it’s always less than working in an office. There is no politics. You needn’t give any explanation of late work to your boss. You don’t have to face your annoying boss because you are the only boss of your work. Your stress level automatically reduces, and you can give 100% to your work.


Working from home looks easy and promising but it requires a lot of hard work andinitial setup. You need to be disciplined, productive and efficient in your work. I hope this post has clarified all your doubts regarding working from home.

Let me once again summarize the advantages of working from home.

  • Time Flexibility
  • No office Politics
  • Independency
  • Less investment
  • Less Stress
  • No Layoff
  • Enormous Opportunities

Do you work from home? Let us know your experience and what are the other benefits of working from home.